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Resource Guide Overview

Resource Guide Overview

The School Nurse Resource Guide is a collection of resources that school nurses can use in their practice and adapt to their needs.

The resources included are not meant to be comprehensive. The guide is intended to point school nurses towards resources that are easily accessible. We have chosen resources that we have used often and found to be helpful and practical. We have kept the list of items in each section short so that the guide does not become cumbersome. The links provided offer a starting place for the various topics covered.

Whenever possible, we have included links leading to resources that are free and/or are able to be copied as long as credit is granted to the source.

This guide is a project developed by several School Nurse Corps (SNC) administrators who sought to bring together in one place some of the key resources that could be useful to nurses in Washington state.

Resource Guide Contents

Disclaimer: This is not an official publication. It is not endorsed by any agency or organization. The inclusion of links to particular resources are not intended to endorse any particular products, services, or information sources, but rather to provide examples which school nurses in Washington have found to be useful.