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NWESD Leadership

Our experienced NWESD leadership team leads a staff of over 200 educational professionals, in the areas of administrative support; technology; teacher training and leadership; business and financial management and more.

Consistent with our organizational values, the leadership team strives to advance the mission, vision, and goals of the NWESD while enhancing their collective leadership abilities through continuous learning, communication, collaboration, and mutual support.

Larry Francois
Larry FrancoisSuperintendent
David Forsythe
David ForsytheAssistant Superintendent for Operations
Pam Estvold
Pam EstvoldAssistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Lisa Matthews
Lisa MatthewsAssistant Superintendent for Finance & Compliance
Jodie DesBiens
Jodie DesBiensDirector Behavioral Health & Prevention Services
Shirley Cutshall
Shirley CutshallDirector Special Programs
Sarah Southard
Sarah SouthardDirector Early Learning
Lynn Lynch
Lynn LynchDirector Northwest Regional Data Center
Les Valsquier
Les ValsquierDirector Technology Services
Tonya RojasMigrant Out-of-School Youth/Health Services Coordinator
Peter RothProgram Administrator NRLC & Snohomish Discovery
Dorothy MollerRetired Fingerprint Technician (employed 1998-2018)
Anna EsquibelRetired Regional Transportation Coordinator (1999-2018)

“In service to nearly 450 schools across 35 districts, our staff work tirelessly to assure success for the educators, students, and families of the Northwest Region. Every day, we accept and respond to the challenge of earning your trust and confidence as an indispensable partner in the pursuit of excellence and equity for all.”

Larry Francois, NWESD Superintendent

Our Core Values: What we Honor in our Work