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Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Parents, your involvement influences student academic success. Students with involved parents are more likely to get good grades, take more challenging classes, have better attendance, graduate and go to community or technical college or university.

School Readiness

School success and the road to graduation begins with our student’s first experiences as learners. Our Migrant Services team offers a variety of trainings and resources that support the professional development of districts and schools to support the school readiness of our migrant students.

Dates and registration information for upcoming trainings are available on the NWESD Course Registration site. Our Migrant Services team always welcomes your questions.

For more information, please contact Clint Weckerly or visit NWESD Early Learning

Resources for Family Engagement

Find information about local or state resources where you as a parent or a family member can access free or at low cost. For further information, contact MEP Staff.

Mexican Consulate

Parent/Family Leadership

Work with your school district and school to implement programs and projects through the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).

Parent Advisory Council (PAC) advises the school district with concerns of migrant parent that relate to the Washington State Migrant Education Program. Parents are essential to the decision-making process of each district migrant program.

PAC Trainings are leadership trainings that will help build, strengthen and provide best practices to district migrant parent advisory council board officers. We have various training options.

State Advisory Council (SAC) The Washington Education State Advisory Committee (SAC) advises the Superintendent of Public Instruction on the delivery and effectiveness of the state’s programs and services that support migrant students and their families. For more information about the SAC, or to get involved, contact our MEP staff.

More information on PAC’s and SAC’s can be found at the OSPI Migrant Education Website.

Please contact Enrique Lopez for more information.


The Washington State Migrant Education Health Program provides health care services to migrant students because of our strong belief that healthy students are more likely to reach their fullest educational potential.

What kind of services can be directly provided?

The Migrant Education Health Program can provide supplemental preventive services, or provide treatment on an emergency or one-time basis. Such as Physical, dental, vision, hearing exams, immunizations, infections, fractures, open wounds, tooth extractions/repairs, eyeglasses, and mental health needs (e.g., threats of abuse, neglect, suicide, etc)

How can you access services?

Please call our Migrant Out-of-School Youth/Health Coordinator to determine eligibility. Once eligibility is determined, you can begin receiving services.

For Information, contact Tanya Rojas