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Educator Effectiveness (BEST/TPEP)

Educator Effectiveness (BEST/TPEP)

Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST)

The BEST program provides support for new teachers in Washington State through comprehensive induction. We aim to support and retain new educators and ensure an equitable, high-quality education for every student in Washington. When we set up our novice teachers for success, we set up their students for success.

“Washington school districts who are fully engaged in the BEST mentoring program retain new educators at a four percentage-point higher rate than school districts who do not use the program, according to a study published this month by the University of Washington (UW) College of Education’s Center of Teaching and Policy.”

– Press Release from Superintendent Chris Reykdal

Teacher Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP)

The Teacher and Principal Evaluation and Growth Program is based on these core principles:

  • High-quality teaching and leading are key to student success.
  • Growth in practice is developmental in nature.
  • Growth occurs best when there are clear standards of practice supported by quality professional learning and learning-focused feedback.
  • Evaluation systems should reflect and address the career continuum.
  • The focus for teacher and principal growth should be driven by student learning needs.

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