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PreK-K Transition Report

PreK-K Transition Report

In 2012, NWESD convened forty-two PreK & K teachers and administrators to develop a way for teachers who had engaged in regional P-3 literacy alignment to continue their partnership. This work led to the PreK-K Transition Report which has helped to 1) establish shared expectations and practices (alignment) between PreK & K teachers, 2) provide a means of communication across systems, 3) support children and families as they transition into kindergarten and 4) provide information to help schools and K teachers get to know each child prior to the start of school.

To date, over 150 PreK Programs have exchanged nearly 8500 Transition Reports with 34 school districts in the NWESD region.

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If you have any questions about P-3 Alignment in the NWESD region, please contact
Sarah Southard, Director of Early Learning at NWESD, 360-299-4045

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