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Evaluators of Principals PLC

Evaluators of Principals PLC

Facilitated by: Pam Estvold

Meeting Dates: 8/5/13, 8/6/13, 10/1/13, 1/21/14, 3/13/14, and 5/15/14

Essential Questions for the year:

  • How do we deepen our knowledge of the purpose and substance of Washington State’s revised evaluation criteria for principals in order to guide decisions which have the promise to improve student learning?
  • How do we use the AWSP framework model to provide us with a way to operationalize (via language, evidence, and artifacts) the revised four-tiered evaluation system to improve teaching and learning?
  • How do we create and use a professional development plan to build principal readiness for a new district evaluation model?
  • How do we establish and implement systems and structures that continue to improve collaboration and communication about this project within our district(s)?

For more information contact: Pam Estvold at pestvold@nwesd.org or Jennifer Longchamps at jlongchamps@nwesd.org