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Feedback Conversations for Professional Growth

Feedback Conversations for Professional Growth

Feedback Conversations for Professional Growth will explore conversation structures and communication tools to increase the quality, clarity, and efficiency of teacher-supervisor interactions.

Skillful evaluators must be able to move effectively among the stances of coaching, collaborating, consulting, and calibrating with those they evaluate. For supervisors, the ability to structure and facilitate powerful growth-oriented conversations lies at the heart of both one-to-one and collective work with those they evaluate.

Participants will increase their confidence and skills for:

  • Using teaching and learning standards, classroom observational data, student work products and performance data to focus conversations and improve teacher effectiveness.
  • Maintain productive and collegial relationships that are growth-promoting and learning-focused.
  • Differentiate approaches for working with novice to more accomplished teachers.
  • Enhance teachers’ capacities to self-assess, establish goals and reflect on student learning and their own teaching practices.
  • Direct conversations for addressing low student performance and the need for expanding teaching repertoire.
  • This workshop is designed for mentor teachers, staff developers, principals, curriculum and instruction specialists, lead teachers, school-based improvement agents, and central office supervisors.

Gayle Everly, Learning-Focused Conversations Trainer, is available to facilitate a training in your district that meets your needs.

Contact Jennifer Longchamps to make arrangements or for more information.