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Step 2 (Develop Learning Progression)

Step 2 (Develop Learning Progression)
  1. Identify all of the sub- skills and knowledge needed to reach your learning target. The collaborative inquiry team will physically work through the math or science expected of students. Team members will examine this work/process through the lenses of both teachers and students. This is the best way to identify the necessary Building Blocks of the math or scienceand identify possible misconceptions.
  2. Place the Building Blocks in the best instructional sequence needed to bring understanding to the learning target. Working with the Learning Progression Template or materials from their own district, team members will use their expertise and experience in determining the best order in which to master the Building Blocks, or subskills. To keep the Learning Progression concise, it is recommended to only include those Building Blocks that you intend to assess. Note: It is possible, or even likely, that the students will already have some of the identified skills or knowledge.
  3. Select just one of these Building Blocks to be the focus of the lesson in steps three, four, and five of the Collaborative Inquiry Cycle.
  4. Write at least one formative assessment for this Building Block that is:
  • Diagnostic of student understanding
  • Quick
  • Informative for the next step.
  1. Use your Building Block target and formative assessment to inform your lesson planning.

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