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Regional Support

Regional Support

Literacy Learning Network

The goal of this network is supporting the efforts of our schools to improve literacy instruction and student achievement through collaboration, evidence-based research, and instructional best practices. Participants will focus on translating the English-Language Arts CCSS into classroom practice and reflecting upon lessons learned from Smarter Balanced Assessment data. Topics will include close reading, writing best practices, curriculum and technology integration, and much more! K-5 and 6-12 focused training are offered at each session.

2017-18 Dates: Sept 27 Nov 29 Jan 17 Mar 6

Times: All sessions are 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. (There will be a one hour lunch scheduled on your own.)

1601 R Avenue
Anacortes WA 98221

Professional Development

Our Regional Literacy Coordinator is responsible for providing professional learning in literacy instruction and assessment. Training and support is offered both at the ESD as well as within the context of a school or district. Please contact our Literacy Department at the NWESD for more information.

Link to NWESD Workshops and Classes for ELA

English Language Arts CCSS and Smarter Balanced Assessments for ELA

We provide professional development to districts and teachers as they continue to transition to the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Some helpful resources are provided below, and you can contact the Regional Literacy Coordinator for specific requests to best meet the needs of your district.

English Language Arts K-12 Learning Standards

OSPI English Language Arts Assessment Page

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program (WCAP)

Text Complexity and Close Reading

The English Language Arts CCSS require our students to engage in regular reading of complex texts and to provide written and spoken responses grounded in evidence from the text. One way to accomplish this in the classroom is through close reading. We offer professional development on this topic through ongoing NWESD workshops, and additional on-site coaching is available.

Literacy in Science and Social Studies

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are essential elements of all content areas. We offer professional development for both elementary and secondary teachers to expand their knowledge of strategies to effectively integrate literacy with science, social studies, and other subjects to improve student learning and achievement.

Effective Writing Instruction

We offer professional development to expand teacher knowledge of effective writing instruction aligned to the writing and language standards. Topics include the three forms of writing (narrative, informational/explanatory, and opinion/argument), writer’s workshop, assessing, conferring, and writing in the content areas.