State Reporting

School districts are required to submit various reports through their educational service district to OSPI in order to receive funding and meet other state mandated requirements. In this section, you can find specific information for:

Enrollment Reporting:State Fiscal Reporting at NWESD

Reporting of school district enrollment eligible for state funding. Forms can be submitted electronically and/or on paper,  when applicable. Reporting instructions are available.

P 223     Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support
P 223H  Special Education Enrollment
P 223S   Nonstandard School Year Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support
P 240    Ancillary Services to Part-time Students Eligible for Basic Support
E 525  Home and Hospital Attendance


Monthly Count and Due Dates:

Count dates - fourth school day of September and the first school day of October through June
Due dates - tenth school day of September and the tenth day of October through June.

P 213    Students Residing in Nonhigh District and Enrolled in High School District
P 210    Public High School Enrollment Status and Vocational End-of-Year Enrollment
P 105A  School Enrollment Report (Ethnic)

Financial Reporting:

Districts are required to file budget and financial information reports to OSPI for use by the State and the public. Instructions and due dates may be found here.

F 203   Revenue Estimates
F 195   Budget
F 200   Budget Extension
F 196   Year End Reporting

Personnel Reporting (Report S 275):

Reporting school district staffing as of October 1 of each year provides OSPI necessary data to calculate school district funding based on staffing ratios, staff education, and experience. The data provided is also used by the State for many analytical reports. Instructions and due dates may be found here.


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