Fiscal Services

The NWESD Fiscal Services Department provides liaison and technical assistance for financial purposes between 35 regional school districts, the county officials, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Fiscal Services Department also provides cooperatives and services that financially benefit the school districts, such as:

All school districts within the NWESD service area supplement legislative monies to provide an expanded level of service.

Fiscal Services at NWESD
Business Manager Academy

The Business Manager Academy is a training program to provide necessary skills for new school district business managers (or to school district employees that work closely with their business managers) and desire training in the specific fiscal forms and procedures for the state of Washington, as well as other business management topics. The course is given in eight full day training sessions over a nine-month period.

Evidence of Coverage

NWESD is a member of the Washington Schools Risk Management Pool, which is a self-insured pool of over 80 schools and educational service districts in the state of Washington. Districts participating in NWESD programs that need a copy of the NWESD insurance coverage for their records may print a copy of the coverage.

Unemployment Compensation Pool

The pool is governed by an advisory board with a representative from each member district. An executive advisory board, comprised of eight members, provides policy and procedural recommendations; reducing risks and making unemployment related costs manageable for school districts.

The NWESD Unemployment Pool benefits member school districts in many ways:

  • Most operating costs are covered by the pools' investment earnings so current members, with required account balances, pay no fees.
  • Districts' individual risks are reduced.
  • Member districts are provided expert claims management services which reduces the district cost of managing claims and claims costs.
  • Member districts receive immediate responses and expert claims management.
  • The cost to individual districts is substantially less than the cost of participating in the State System.

Key services provided by the Unemployment Pool are:

  • Representation through the review, hearing, and appeal processes.
  • Loss prevention training program.
  • Claims management reports.

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