District Provided In-Service Programs

The NWESD Professional Development Coordinating Council (PDCC) provides prior approval to proposed in-service programs designed to meet standards set forth in WAC 181-85-200 and by the NWESD.

The NWESD has a new streamlined online in-service proposal system!  This new system is separate from the online registration system and does not require specific permissions to submit a clock hour proposal as did the previous system.
It is important to note that local school districts retain the right to accept or reject in-service proposals.  Individual participants should check with their local school districts as to whether clock hours earned at an in-service will be accepted.  In-service offerings for clock hours must be at least three hours duration.Submit a Proposal

In-service Proposal Process

You must complete an Online In-service Program Proposal at least 15 calendar days prior to the starting date of the in-service.  This proposal must be pre-approved by an administrator in your district before being submitted. The proposal will be reviewed by our PDCC to assure that standards are met.

You will be notified of their decision as soon as it is made. Upon approval of your in-service, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Your clock hour packet will be emailed prior to the in-service. This packet includes:

  • Instructions - will be emailed to you prior to the in-service
  • Class Attendance Sheet(s) - pre-filled with class identification information
  • Request for Clock Hours Forms - pre-filled with class identification information, number of available clock hours, and fees

Approval Criteria

Approval cannot be granted for routine staff meetings such as district, building, or area meetings to discuss or explain operation policies or administrative practices. 

An approved program offering:

  • Must be related to a predetermined needs analysis;
  • Include measurable objectives that express a clear purpose;
  • Is consistent with the time and credit allocated;
  • Must be appropriate for the continuing professional development of participants; and
  • The methodology of the program delivery should reflect the elements of effective classroom applications.

Repeat Proposal

An online in-service repeat proposal may be used for any in-service that has been previously submitted and approved in the current academic calendar year (9/1 through 8/31).   If this is your first time submitting in the current year you will need to submit the proposal as a new proposal.   Once the proposal has been approved in this system, future events during the same academic year that meet "repeat criteria" can be submitted as a repeat by choosing the original approved in-service ID number from the drop-down list inside the proposal form.

A repeat proposal consists of the same number of hours, course description/topics, and criteria as previously submitted.  You cannot submit repeat proposals on original classes that were canceled before taking place.

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