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Writs of Garnishment/Employee Dismissal Procedures

By |April 18th, 2019|

5315-P – Writs of Garnishment/Employee Dismissal Procedures

Garnishment shall mean a legal lien of a specified sum against an employee’s disposable earnings to satisfy a debt. Any writ of garnishment will be officially received and dated by the Superintendent or designee upon receipt by the NWESD 189. Following receipt of such writ, the writ shall be complied with according to the following procedures.

The writ will be recorded and responded to within the twenty (20)-day limit allowed by law. The payroll department will be notified to determine earnings, deductions allowed by law, and the amount of disposable earnings subject to garnishment. The writ will be answered in a timely manner and payroll will be notified to make the appropriate changes to the employee’s wages. Payroll will also draft a warrant for the amount held to satisfy the garnishment, to be written and disbursed as directed by the court.

The Payroll/Personnel Administrator shall notify the employee, in writing, of the NWESD 189’s response to a writ of garnishment, and shall also encourage the employee to seek debt counseling or assistance. The employee will also be notified of this policy and the law with regard to multiple garnishments within a twelve (12)-month period. Specifically, the employee may be dismissed if the NWESD 189 receives three (3) separate garnishments within a twelve (12)-month period.

Presented to Board: 02/26/92 (as 4560-P)
Revised: 05/23/01

Date Revised: 5/23/01