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NWESD Paving the Way to Qmlativ

NWESD Paving the Way to Qmlativ

“What’s Qmlativ?” you ask. Qmlativ is the newest version of the Skyward product used by nearly every district in the Northwest Educational Service District 189 (NWESD) region, as well as, most districts throughout the state for managing student and financial records. The Qmlativ Education Management System is a comprehensive, web-based system, encompassing two product suites (Student and Business). Qmlativ offers a wide variety of applications that holistically manage the daily operations of your district or school.

Over the next few years, Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC), a cooperative of NWESD, will facilitate moving districts from the current version of Skyward to Qmlativ. As a service to the NWESD districts, the NWESD staff elected to be early adopters and learn the ropes of the new system, so their experience can benefit all those who follow. Through their efforts, this past year we all learned a lot about migration to Qmlativ. Many processes were tested, best practices established, system setup better defined, reports developed, and everyone gained an overall better understanding of the new Qmaltiv system. While on this journey, the NWESD learned ways the new system allowed for several process improvements and more paperless processing.

The NWESD migration was for the business side of the software. So, how does migrating the business side help educators? Well, the financial stability of your school district depends greatly on the ability to manage and report on financial information. Purchasing of supplies and materials used to support you and your district’s educational mission is accomplished using Qmlativ. Your paychecks will be issued from Qmlativ and your future retirement benefits depend on the information reported from Qmlativ to DRS. It is a pretty big deal!

Now let’s talk student records! Mukilteo School District was the first in our region to use Qmlativ for student information. They have just reached their one-year anniversary in Qmlativ! Like NWESD, they too have done much to pave the way for future districts, along with Index School District who migrated both student and business during this past school year.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the exciting things you have to look forward to in the student system when your district makes the move…

Student Details Icon

All of a student’s information is located in one convenient spot. Picture, schedule, attendance, discipline, emergency contacts, family, grades, with links to email, etc. So efficient!

Desktop Tiles

Add desktop tiles for things that are meaningful. Example: attendance, discipline incidents/referrals. Many possibilities! Live Tiles are dynamic and update as data changes. Live Charts can also be made and displayed on the Home page and will dynamically update when information changes.

Assignment Attempts

Assignment Attempts allows a teacher to track, over time, the progress a student is making, whether it be on a specific assignment or Standards Skill. This is especially handy for teachers who use Standards, as it

would allow tracking a single Skill over time with one assignment/event rather than entering it into the Gradebook multiple times.

gradebook image

Assignment attemps

Student With Open Periods Utility

Lists all students with open periods in one convenient screen and counselors can update their schedules from there. Add a Live Tile for Credit Deficient Seniors or Juniors with the count. Watch the number go down as students complete their coursework.

Qmlativ is a product of Skyward, Inc, brought to you by the WSIPC Cooperative and supported in the Northwest Educational Service District (NWESD) region by the Northwest Regional Data Center (NWRDC), a cooperative of the NWESD.