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In-Service FAQ

In-Service FAQ

Can I print a copy of this proposal to review before I submit it?
No – There is a preview screen where you can review your entry, a "previous" button where you can go back and make changes. Make corrections until you are satisfied with the proposal, then click next and finish.

Can I print this proposal and see all the info I typed in each text box field?
After you click the FINISH button at the bottom of the form you will be able to print the proposal.

Can I save this proposal on my computer or network?
You can print your proposal to a .pdf document for saving to your computer.

Can I save an incomplete proposal and come back and complete it later?
Unfortunately, no. If you leave the proposal before clicking FINISH, the proposal will disappear. However, there is an additional edit option available which requires training from NWESD staff to access.

How do I know if a VITA is on file for all instructors of the in-service?
When submitting your proposal, an instructor with a VITA will be listed in the instructor drop down menu. If the instructor is not listed, then a VITA will need to be submitted.

What is a "Repeat Proposal" and how do I submit one?
A Repeat Proposal is an event that NWESD has already approved for clock hours. This repeat event has the same number of hours, rationale, objectives/outcomes, description/topics, requirements, and criteria as the original submission. If this is your first time submitting through the new system, submit the proposal as "create proposal".

What if I want to fill out a Repeat Proposal form but I don't see my original proposal listed online?
Your electronic proposal has not yet been approved, or there was a data entry error.

What do I do if I need to make changes to a previously submitted proposal?
Contact the clock hours office, noted below, for assistance.