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Student Growth Planning & Implementation

Student Growth Planning & Implementation

This series of 4 workshops is designed to provide an overview of goal setting for student growth, selecting classroom-based, school-based, district-based, and state-based tools, and using student learning data in educator evaluation. Teams will also learn a process for establishing student growth goals, examples of student growth goals, and a process for determining change in student achievement between two points in time.

Intended Outcomes: At the end of these sessions, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the legislative requirements for using student growth data as one of several measures in an educator’s evaluation in Washington
  • Understand student growth in a focused versus comprehensive evaluation
  • Understand and apply the student growth rubric structure and language
  • Understand the creation of student growth goals in alignment with the evaluation criteria
  • Identify relevant measures of student growth in your district context
  • Understand how the four-step process for measuring student growth applies in your district context
  • Determine the best approach, tools, and timeline for your district
  • Understand the basic vocabulary and principles of assessment literacy [only if inserting optional section on assessment literacy]

Audience: The intended audience for these workshops is a district-level leadership team of four to six people. Each team should include the district administrators, principals, and two to three current classroom teachers representing a variety of subject areas, grade levels, and/or student needs.

For more information contact Jennifer Longchamps at jlongchamps@nwesd.org.