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What is eVAL?

eVAL is a web-based tool designed to eVAL logomanage and document professional growth and evaluation. Developed in partnership with the Washington Education Association, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Educational Service District 113.

eVAL is:

A free resource used by more than 120 districts in the state of Washington.

Personalized for each District for their instructional and leadership frameworks, resources, and documents.

Voluntary for all Districts, who can use as many or as few of eVAL's features as they'd like (or none at all).

Extremely secure, with limited physical and virtual access to its servers.

eVAL Sandbox: http://sandbox.eval-wa.org/#/local-login

eVAL Support

The eVAL Help feature located in the upper right hand corner in the eVAL program will navigate you to find solutions to your questions. You can also contact NWESD for support.

eVAL Training

eVAL has uploaded training videos into their site. There will be calibration videos uploaded soon so check back to the site often for the most updated resources. The training resources are located by selecting the training menu on the lower left hand side of the screen.

Image from eVAL site - training menu

For more information about eVAL please contact Jennifer Longchamps at jlongchamps@nwesd.org or (360) 299-4095.