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Step 4 (Teach/Observe Lesson)

Step 4 (Teach/Observe Lesson)


  1. Invite outside Observers:
  2. Invite other teachers, administrators, and if possible at least one knowledgeable person from outside the school setting. The numbers of observers will depend on the comfort level of the participants and the space available at the site of the lesson.
  3. Arrange classroom to allow space for the observers:
  4. The lesson site should be arranged to allow the observers to circulate through the students’ desks.
  5. Consider adding chairs for the observers.
  6. If possible the classroom should be arranged a week or so before the lesson, so that students can become used to the new layout.
  7. Assign specific tasks to team members
  8. Assign a recorder for whole task discussion sessions.
  9. Assign members to observe and record specific student responses during the lesson.
  10. Assign members to watch for the evidence of learning specified during the lesson planning session.
  11. Arrange to meet with the team and observers for 30 minutes prior to the lesson.
  12. Introduce observers if everyone has not already met.
  13. Hand out required materials to all observers.
  14. Go over points of evaluation with observers.
  15. Go over lesson plan together.
  16. Review observation protocols with team and observers.
  17. Schedule a break of at least 10 minutes after the lesson before beginning the lesson analysis. Refrain from discussing the lesson at this time.


  • Observers’ Guideline handouts
  • Observation Recording Sheet
  • Copies of the lesson plan
  • Copies of the points of evaluation
  • Copies of the seating chart with student first names (and last initial if necessary)
  • Copies of any materials given to the students during the lesson.


During the observation participants will focus on student activity and discourse.Participants avoid conversingwith students during the lesson observation. The teacher’s activity has already been largely dictated by the collaboratively planned lesson. What is being studied is how students react positively and negatively to the activities and question put before them. Are the students able to do the math or science? Can they explain or communicate (to each other and to the teacher) about their math or science work?

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