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Q: Is there a specific School Improvement Plan (SIP) template that we are required to use?

A:  At the end of January OSSI released an Optional Comprehensive School Improvement Planning template that follows the PDSA (Plan, Do Study, Act) format and meets all WAC requirements.  School and District Improvement Plans can be submitted in this format, but its use is NOT required for your SIP submission this May.

Remember: Tier 2 and Tier 3 schools are required to submit their 2019-2021 SIP to OSSI by May 20th. Tier 1 schools will follow the timelines and template required by their District.

Q: I have several plans to complete.  Is there a way to align the different plans?

A: Most iGrant action plans and district strategic plans have similar components (data-informed, needs assessment, goals, measure of success, action steps…)

  • Consider using the information to form a comprehensive needs assessment to address you students’ and community’s needs.
  • Focus each plan’s goals around the same initiatives and efforts in order to build focus and coherence. Each plan may look at the initiative through a different lens but will still have the connection to the guiding actions.
  • For instance, if your needs assessment indicates achievement and opportunity gaps for English Learning (EL) students, you may want to address equitable practices that specifically address these needs through multiple lenses: leadership, instruction, assessment, after-school programming and family engagement.
  • Consider selecting 1 or 2 high leverage instructional strategies that are effective for all students. For example, there are instructional strategies supporting ELs and students with disabilities (SWDs), that improve learning and allow access for all students.
  • Call Gayle for support regarding effective, multipurpose action planning.

Q: I feel stuck and overwhelmed by all the areas where change is needed.  Where should I start?

A: I am so glad you asked this question because you are not alone in feeling this way.  School improvement can be a daunting task.  In addition to the answer above you may want to develop a small test of change by trying out a new collaboration format, instructional strategy or classroom climate builder for 6 weeks with a smaller group of educators. Then, review this change through progress monitoring to determine if this is a practice you want to “scale up” and include in your SIP for 2019-2021.

Another example might be selecting a few teachers to administer an interim assessment out of the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) to gather data on instructional needs.  This data could be reviewed in PLCs to determine its usefulness and whether to scale this up for more teachers at your school.

Q: Where can I get technical support for; Creating PLCs, How to use Interim Assessments, Selecting High Leverage Instructional Strategies, Creating an Effective School Improvement Plan?

A: The NWESD School Improvement Team and Teaching and Learning Staff at NWESD189 have expertise in these areas and would be happy to provide support.  Just contact our coordinators or contact any member of the NWESD School Improvement Team.

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