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Services and Fees

Services and Fees

The kits currently in rotation support class sizes of up to 30 students per usage. Typically, a science kit will be used for 8 to 10 weeks and then be returned to the Center for refurbishment.

What is a refurbishment? Refurbishment consists of removing and inspecting all kit components and replacing consumables and any permanent parts that were broken during use. The kits are restocked, inspected, and noted as "ready to ship."

Typical consumable refurbishment components:

masking tape
cloth pieces
plastic cups
straws (several sizes)
string and paper clips
cardboard shapes
liquids – soaps, corn syrup, water, cooking oil, etc.
solids – corn meal, flour, rice, pinto beans, mung beans etc.
student booklets

Initialization Fee, K-5 Kits – $105

This is charged when the center receives a kit for the first time. This is the cost of bringing the kit to Science Materials Center standards.

Refurbishment Fee, K-5 Kits – $140

This is charged each time a kit comes back to the Center for consumables restocking, repairs, replacements, and reorganization to prepare the kit to go to the next class/teacher.

K-5 Rental by Non- Cooperative Member – $240

Middle School Kits

Please check with the SMC Manager for middle school kit fees.

Please contact the Director for additional information about joining our cooperative. An Interlocal agreement between NWESD and the school district is required to become a part of the cooperative.