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NWESD will be providing the ProQuest Suite of Databases for the current school year. This Suite contains six resource databases which, in turn, contain additional resources. You can read more on these databases at the Washington State Library website

Please request a quote for ProQuest by completing this form. Quotes received are only an estimate. Actual fees are based on the October 1, P-223/1251 report for the school as filed with OSPI.

Subscription Price: $0.22 per full-time enrolled student based on your October 1, 2020, P-223/1251 report as filed with OSPI

Districts/schools will receive all databases, however, administrators of the account will be able to “uncheck” the databases they do not want students to have access to.

  • ProQuest Platform (grades 9-12 and college level; newspaper databases content 6-12 and college level, teacher)
    • Research Library
    • ABI Trade & Industry
    • Family Health Database
    • U.S. Newstream
  • CultureGrams (grades K-12)
  • eLibrary Curriculum Edition (grades K-12 and early college level)
    • ProQuest Learning: Literature (9-12 and above)
    • History Study Center (9-12 and above)
  • SIRS Discoverer (grades K-8)

Districts subscribing to the ProQuest Suite of Databases will be provided usernames and passwords. Districts may not publish these usernames and passwords on any website.

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Please email questions to tlee@nwesd.org.