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Online Communities Login Help

Online Communities Login Help

Having trouble getting signed into the Online Communities?

If you use a NWESD.org email account, do not try to reset your password. Even though that option appears on the screen, it will not work if you are a staff member. If you do not have a NWESD.org email account (ex. NWRDC employees), contact Kyle Bunker for assistance or use the reset password option.

If you have a NWESD.org email account, follow these steps carefully before calling for assistance.

  1. Go to the Online Communities Login Screen (click here)
  2. Enter your standard NWESD Username and Password – the way you would if you were logging into your desktop computer.
  3. Check the LDAP button* as shown below.

Sign In form

* The LDAP Button tells the OC that you are a staff member. Any time that you do not click this button, the system will not recognize your login. Be sure this is checked every time you log into the system.

If you followed the steps above and are still having trouble, contact Kyle Bunker for assistance.