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The NWESD Regional High School Art Show

NWESD Guidelines and Submissions

NWESD 189 High School Art Show Guidelines

Entries for the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Annual High School Art Show are open to all current students in grades 9 through 12 in NWESD 189 region.

Art can be dropped off with a copy of your registration form from March 2-6, 2020 between 8:00 am – 4:30 pm at either of these locations.

You must include a copy of the registration form with each submission.

The NWESD REGIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ART SHOW will be held at the NWESD in Anacortes, WA from March 9 – 20, 2020.  The reception and awards presentations will be announced soon.

  • High schools with enrollments of 1,000 students or more are limited to EIGHT entries plus three entries from Special Education students.
  • High schools with enrollments of fewer than 1,000 students are limited to SIX entries, plus two entries from Special Education students.
  • Special Education students’ entries will be by age 14 to 21 years – not by grade.

OSPI Art show judging guidelines, entry restrictions, and the official online entry form are available at the OSPI web site: http://www.k12.wa.us/Arts/ArtShow


The ESDs and OSPI offer 15 purchase/honorarium awards ($200 maximum) at the state level. Only students who agree to sell their artwork may advance to the State show as a Regional Winner. Winning artwork will be made a permanent part of these agencies’ collections and will not be returned to the student. If a student changes their decision to sell their artwork, an alternate artwork must be sent in its place.


Artwork for the Annual Superintendent’s State High School Art Show will be judged based on three criteria in alignment with the Washington State Arts K-12 Learning Standards.

Creativity Artwork demonstrates original thinking and expressive, artistic perceptions.

Composition Artwork demonstrates a unique and sensitive way of answering artistic problems. It illustrates student understanding of and ability to interpret the elements of art and the principles of design. It makes a unique statement.

Technique Artwork demonstrates student competency in using the medium to achieve the desired outcome.


ALL artwork submitted to the Superintendent’s Show must be completely original! If artwork is determined to be a copy, it will be disqualified from the show. Do NOT submit any artwork copied, replicated, or manipulated from published photographs, magazines or book illustrations or other artwork, including the internet. If there is any doubt as to the originality of a piece, the teacher should not submit it. The integrity of the teacher and student in submitting only original artwork is expected and teachers will be asked to attest to originality in the online registration of the art work.

ARTWORK DISPLAYED AT OSPI Regional and at the State Show

OSPI and NWESD reserve the right to display student work according to our available resources and in relation to the size, material, weight, and content of the student work. OSPI does not censor student artwork; but if it violates internal health and safety regulations, the work will be displayed accordingly, or not at all. Artwork content that is not acceptable in a school district, due to policy and practice, is not acceptable at the regional or state level. It is the professional responsibility of each art teacher to follow and comply with school district policy.

Curator’s Request

Please apply a protective fixative on charcoals, chalks, and dark pencil works. Please matte or frame work so it is ready to hang.