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Instructional Tools

Instructional Tools

Teachers in the Northwest Assessing with Learning Progressions in Science (NW ALPS) project collaboratively developed a series of instructional tools to help them identify and formatively assess key science concepts from the Washington State Science Learning Standards in their existing science instructional materials. In the Instructional Tools document for each set of curriculum materials you will find learning progressions, formative assessment tasks, samples of student work, and additional useful resources. The tools included here are intended to supplement, not replace, existing research based curriculum materials.

These documents represent the work-in-progress of teachers in the NW ALPS project. While we encourage others to use the materials, please know the power of these tools lies in the collaborative discussion and analysis that occurs during their creation. We strongly suggest that anyone utilizing these tools make them your own, adjusting them to fit your teaching context and instructional priorities. Professional development modules to aid you in this process are available on the NW ALPS project professional development modules web page. For access to editable versions of these documents please contact Nancy Menard at nmenard@nwesd.org.

Instructional Tools Documents:

FOSS Landforms
FOSS Variables
STC Motion and Design
STC Ecosystems
FOSS Environments
FOSS Water
FOSS Magnetism and Electricity
FOSS Matter and Energy
FOSS Levers & Pulleys
FOSS Mixtures & Solutions
FOSS Models & Designs

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