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Professional Development

Professional DevelopmentExpanding each teacher’s pedagogical knowledge around formative assessment was a critical component of the work of the Northwest Assessing with Learning Progressions in Science (NW ALPS) project.The NWALPS program design is based on the theory that student achievement will improve when teachers better know the content needed to teach their curriculum, create learning progressions based on that content knowledge, and implement those learning progressions in their classrooms. Teachers in the project participated in multiple professional development sessions with experts in science instruction from the Northwest Educational Service District. This training focused on deepening teachers’ understanding of formative assessment and developing their ability to create and use learning progressions for their existing science instructional materials. In addition to face-to-face professional development, teachers in the NW ALPS project participated in on-line training, collaboration and reflection. The documents on this page were used during NW ALPS professional development sessions, organized here into modules for ease of use. We encourage others to use these materials as part of their own professional development programs. For access to editable versions of these documents please contact Nancy Menard nmenard@nwesd.org.

Professional Development Modules:

Introduction to Formative Assessment: ppt and documents
Creating a learning progression: ppt and documents
Examining student work: documents
On-line collaboration, reflection and extended learning
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