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Project Evaluation Resources

Project Evaluation Resources

Science StudentsAt the close of the Northwest Assessing with Learning Progressions in Science (NW ALPS) project the evaluation findings indicate that teachers experienced a robust training that improved their content knowledge, increased their confidence in teaching science and dramatically increased their use of formative assessment in the classroom. Teachers reported having a deeper understanding of the connections between state standards, the content of the science kits, and their teaching.

“It’s given me a better understanding of what the important concepts of science are, and how the different learnings that we do lead to those big ideas.”
-NW ALPS Teacher

Teachers also reported a more robust classroom experience for their students and more focused teaching and learning.

Student outcomes are very positive, but when seen in comparison to the three control classrooms, the relative effectiveness of the training on student test scores is inconclusive. Randomly assigning classrooms (control or treatment), increasing the number of control classrooms, lengthening the duration of the data collection, and revising and improving the pre/post assessments are essential future steps to appropriately measure program effectiveness.