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The Everett Public School Board is a 2018 Board of Distinction

The Everett Public School Board is a 2018 Board of Distinction

Everett, WA – In 2014, 2016, 2017 and again this year, Everett Public Schools board of directors earned high honors from its peers – the designation as a Board of Distinction.

On Nov. 15, at the annual Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA) conference in Spokane, Everett’s school board will once again be among the state’s Boards of Distinction. Of the state’s 294 school districts, only 29 will be honored with this award.

Each year the WSSDA awards program establishes criteria upon which boards will be judged.

This year, boards were required to report their progress in areas deemed as essential or “standard” for highly effective school boards. These standards of effectiveness include narrowing the opportunity gap, providing rigorous curriculum for all students and giving students access to technology and high-quality learning facilities. Everett’s 2018 nomination highlighted the board’s work to increase student’s math skills and the community-involved process of selecting math curriculum materials. In May, the board approved Illustrative Mathematics and earmarked $126,000 per year to buying replacement and consumable materials for the program. The board also established teacher training and family outreach to streamline the materials’ use and success at school and at home.

This year’s nomination also noted the district’s K-12 Integrated Technology Plan and the impact of putting individual learning devices into the hands of each student between now and 2022.

The 2018 nomination process also required boards to document their continuous learning to become increasingly effective and knowledgeable as school board directors. Aligned with its strategic plan and annual goals, the board establishes and publishes its annual meeting plan which includes monthly work study sessions. In these gatherings, board members dive deeply into specific school and education topics to broaden their perspectives and knowledge in preparation for governance decisions they will make.

Of the 2018 Boards of Distinction three will be further honored during the Spokane conference as a Board of the Year – one each from the categories of small-, medium- and large-sized school districts. In 2014, Everett Public Schools Board of Directors was the Board of the Year for large school districts.

When learning about the award, board president Caroline Mason recognized the board as part of a team that works on behalf of each student in the district. “As board members, our focus is on governance which provides the framework for each of our students to learn to high standards. We are successful only when school staff, parents and our community partner together to work toward this common goal.

“On behalf of every student in our district, we are grateful for the community’s vision and support of the 2016 Capital Levy for district-wide student technology. This funding, which supports our strategic plan, puts the world of learning into the hands of every student and moves us closer to eliminating barriers to learning in our district.”


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