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System & School Improvement

System & School Improvement

Office of System and School Improvement (OSSI)

OSSI is committed to closing the opportunity gap by working collaboratively with educational partners, researchers, districts and community leaders to create a coordinated, regionalized, and responsive support and improvement model for schools in our region. We at NWESD provide leadership, technical assistance and resources to our region’s schools and districts to support their efforts to prepare every student for post-secondary aspirations, career, and life.

Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) identifies how schools can improve the education of all students. The Framework combines as many as nine indicators (such as graduation rates, attendance, and proficiency on state tests in math and English language arts) into a 1-10 score. The school’s score then determines the state supports for the school to improve. OSPI intentionally created the Framework so that individual schools can be quickly viewed. The WSIF can be broken down into three broad categories of indicators: academic outcomes, opportunities to learn, and student engagement.

Important Dates!

Student & School Success Fall Outreach October 29-30, 2018
Initial Submission Due within 5 days of receiving access.
Mid-year Submission Due January 11, 2019
Student & School Success Spring Outreach April 25-26, 2019
Final Submission Due May 20, 2019

Additional information is available on the OSPI website.