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ELL Cooperative

ELL Cooperative

The purpose of the NWESD ELL Cooperative is to:

  • Develop capacity for ELL Specialists to deliver training within their own district;
  • Provide support and training to district leaders to build an effective ELL program;
  • Provide teacher training to member districts while internal capacity is being developed.

Cooperative member districts can access the materials and resources on the Canvas site

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ELL Cooperative PLC’s

PLC for Administrators & ELL Specialists

September 26, 2018; November 27, 2018; March 5, 2019

This 3 part series will offer opportunities for ELL program Administrators and ELL Specialist to learn about the practices in ELL programs and services.  District teams will have opportunities to learn more about ELL instructional program design, planning and implementation.  A breakout strand will be available for those wanting to learn more about dual language program design.

ELL Specialist PLC

November 1, 2018 and January 8, 2019

In this series, ELL Specialist will focus on building their capacity for facilitating adult learning and refining instructional strategies and resources for use in their ELL programs.  Some topics of interest may include: supporting newcomers, parent engagement, leveraging technology, academic vocabulary, and authentic classroom applications.

Paraeducator Training Descriptions

Who Are My Students and What Do They Need?

October 3, 2018

Participants will review the stages of, and approaches to, language acquisition through the lens of their own students.  They will learn about how to engage with their students and their students’ families in a way that prepares them for success for the school year.  They will have an opportunity to develop a professional network with one another to support ongoing learning, sharing, and collaboration.

What is Oracy and Why Is It So Important?

January 22, 2019

Participants will develop an understanding of the importance of developing oral language skills as part of student engagement, English Language instruction, and assessment.  They will learn how to scaffold for developing oral language proficiency within content area instruction, with intentional focus on the needs of newcomers.  They will continue to engage with one another for collaboration, sharing, and personalized learning.

Which Words Are The Most Important To Learn?

March 19, 2019

Participants will develop an understanding of the tiers of vocabulary, the importance of learning academic vocabulary and which words to teach intentionally.  They will continue to develop an understanding of supportive scaffolding for the unique needs of newcomers.  They will have an additional opportunity to build their learning network and will each make a plan for bringing back and sharing their learning with their colleagues.