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Teen X-country Runner

I just received a text from Ed Jr. “Hey Dad, I’m going to stay afterschool for cross-country try outs. Can you pick me up at 5:30?” Ed’s a freshman in high school this year and for the first time ever, wants to participate in school sports. His sister, Emma, is always staying after school, but it usually has to do with her friends. “We’re trying out for the school play, Dad” or “I’m going to help with the 7th-grade dance tonight, Dad.”  I wondered what research had to say about the extracurricular...

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Red Ribbon Theme

In my day-to-day visits with schools all over the region, I have the pleasure of meeting extraordinary people, doing extraordinary work. Once in a while, I learn the seeds of that work may arise from a difficult place, time or experience. Such is the case with the beginnings of Red Ribbon Week.

Now the longest-standing and largest drug prevention program in the nation, “Red Ribbon Week pays special tribute to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special...

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Girl holding phone cyber bullyingEvery October, schools and organizations around the nation take part in National Bullying Prevention Month. They join the movement with the goal of encouraging communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying. The hope is to prevent bullying and cyberbullying with a heightened awareness of the effect of bullying on victims of all ages.

In my travels over the past few weeks, I have seen evidence of increased interest...

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Students doing a science project

It’s a new school year! And mixed with the excitement around new classes and students, I hear questions about the new science assessment. So let me tell you a little bit about what’s developing: namely the WaCAS (Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science) that will be administered to students in Spring 2018.

Last year I shared about the NGSS being 3-...

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Police Officer handcuffing teen

Culturally speaking, our approach to juvenile misbehavior has been changing for nearly two decades. Juvenile courts began adopting new tactics when the evidence made two things very clear: harsh discipline and incarceration do not lead to positive outcomes, and adolescent brain development is a more complex process than we once believed.

National trends based on these insights have informed the passage of legislation concerning discipline and truancy here in Washington over the past few years. ...

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