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As teachers, administrative staff and student support personnel, we know that a significant number of angry, depressed, addicted, and sometimes suicidal students are walking the halls of our schools.  These youth are dealing with multiple traumas in their life, struggling to cope in an environment that requires maintaining control. Understanding how to engage these students in a healthy, positive way has become critical.

 The 1998 Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACEs), which sent...

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Roaming the Region: Learning about English Learning (EL) ServicesDiverse Adults Learning

I recently learned that school districts in the NWESD Region serve a growing number of English Language students (5%-25%), who are learning English as a second or even third language! To address this growing percentage of students, school districts from across our region have formed the NWESD ELL Cooperative. The purpose of this cooperative is to develop the capacity for ELL Specialists to deliver training within their own districts. EL Specialists are invited to attend...

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While visiting schools in our Northwest region, I am constantly reminded that students of all ages have intuitive number sense and understand how to use mathematics to solve real-world problems. 

On a recent visit to an elementary school, I observed a school-wide fun run. They giggled and cheered as they circled the playground. Parents marked each lap on the back of students’ T-shirts on a circle with 36 sections. Additional laps were tallied above the circle. All students were proud of the number of laps recorded on their shirts. As the teacher and I walked her third graders back to...

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Last month I wrote about strategies for engaging students in writing (Ed Talk Dec 20, 2016). In the spring of 2016, I had the privilege of dropping in to the NWESD Young Authors Conference at Skagit Valley College. For 30 years NWESD has partnered with Skagit Valley College to provide this rare and wonderful opportunity for students in our region. What I saw last spring was intriguing and clearly supported the notion that students are encouraged to write by giving them the opportunity to interact with published...

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"How do I support my students who struggle with writing?” is a common question teachers often ask me. Walk into any classroom during writer’s workshop, and you will notice a wide range of student engagement. While some happily compose on a computer or in their writer’s notebook, there are also students who seem to avoid writing at all costs, those who stare at the blank page unsure where to start, and even one or two who emphatically state, “I hate writing.”

There are many reasons why students may be reluctant to write. Some routinely struggle to come up with ideas and become mired in writer’s block, while...

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