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Racist Comment Bubble

Last spring I shared what I learned at an equity workshop at the NWESD. I was challenged to develop my equity lens and better develop anti-racist behaviors. I have been reading books and articles, building relationships with people different than me, listening to learn, and observing people of color interact with a primarily white community. This has both enriched my life and prompted questions and a desire to continue my learning.  

As I develop more relationships and observe our community one of the things I am learning to navigate is how to...

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Child holding "hope" rock

They are regularly in the news: the opioid epidemic, alcohol abuse, increasingly potent marijuana strains, the resurgence of heroin, Ecstasy and other synthetic drugs. Use of these drugs can have a profound effect on both body and mind – difficult enough for an adult system to process, but even more destabilizing to the developing brain of a youth. Options for those who seek help for a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can vary depending on the type of treatment needed and the availability of resources, but usually take place in a treatment program via a...

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Preparation is the key written in a notebook

Have you ever attended a school disaster preparedness “table top" exercise? I was invited to attend a one-of-a-kind Whatcom County Public Schools & Public Health tabletop exercise series. This unique series consisted of 3 different public health scenarios hosted by rotating Whatcom County school districts during the 2017-18 school year and was facilitated by Mark Raaka, MS, EMT-P, Whatcom County Health Department Emergency...

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Kindergarten students first day

My niece, Angelina, is going to be entering kindergarten in the fall and my sister shared with me that they are both a bit nervous about it. It reminded me of when my own little Emma put on her backpack and climbed on the bus for the first day of kinder. Although she had been a bit unsure about what to expect over the summer, we had a great opportunity to meet her teacher and get to know the school and the classroom before her first day of class. That made all the...

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I recall the days of my youth when “good” math instruction happened in quiet classrooms with students sitting in desks arranged in rows while working problems from their textbook. In recent visits to mathematics classrooms in our region, students were working together, engaging in discourse, creating visual models and questioning one another’s strategies to solve problems in context. There was an intentional focus on student conversations around the development of mathematical ideas. There was also...

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