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The Fundamentals of Learning

The Fundamentals of Learning

Fundamentals of learningWhile visiting the ESD last week I overheard more than one department talking about the Fundamentals of Learning (2015), so I did a little research. I discovered that the Fundamentals of Learning (2015) is a framework designed to assist teachers in transitioning to the instructional practices needed to help prepare students to be college and career ready and to align to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). There are three fundamentals:

Making Meaning:

This is the process students use to make sense of information, experience and ideas through the use of creative, critical and metacognitive thinking skills. When students make meaning, they draw on prior knowledge by asking themselves what they already know about a topic or concept and how this connects to the current learning. An example might be when a student draws upon evidence from a text to support analysis, reflection or research. In Math, another example may be when a student interprets their results in context and can reflect on whether the results make sense.

Participating & Contributing:

This is the process of students engaging with others in learning and working cooperatively to acquire information, share ideas and get feedback. Learning is enhanced when students are able to interact effectively with a diverse range of people, in a variety of contexts, through various types of communication. When students are given the opportunity to participate and contribute, their interest is sustained, and they are able to engage in discourse with one another for greater understanding.

Managing Learning:

Managing learning involves self-direction and taking initiative. Students see themselves as active capable learners and are able to take risks and know when to lead, when to follow and when to be learn by themselves. Students can set goals, make plans, monitor progress and adapt when needed. An example in Language Arts may be a student who can demonstrate independence by gathering vocabulary knowledge when encountering an unknown term, or in Math a student who knows to persevere in problem solving.

The article Fundamentals of Learning (2015) reviews these three fundamentals and includes a tool for teachers to self-reflect as they transition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS).