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April: Month of the Military Child

April: Month of the Military Child

April has been designated as the Month of the Military Child. Please join the NWESD in honoring military children and their families.

Who are military children? When thinking about the military, the role of the military child is often overlooked. While being a part of a military family can build resilience and strength, it also presents a unique set of challenges and circumstances that can impact the children's well -being. Military children deal with uncertainty about where they will live, extended separation from family members, and constant changes in family dynamics and community setting. As educators, it is critical that we have an understanding of the lifestyle of our military children and think carefully about how we can be responsive in the school setting to support the social-emotional well- being and the academic achievement of the military children in our classrooms and communities. Please join us this month as we celebrate and learn more aboutOur Military Children. #PurpleUp #TogetherWeCan

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Sample Social Media Posts and links for Military Child Month (please feel free to download Twitter and Facebook graphics below and copy and paste text)

Week 1: Did you know that April is the Month of the Military Child? Join us in showing support for military children on April 13 by wearing purple. Purple symbolizesall branches of the military, a combination of Army Green Air Force Blue, Coast Guard Blue, Marine Red, and Navy Blue. #PurpleUp#TogetherWeCan

Week 2: Did you know that military children are likely to move 6-9 times during their pre-K-12 education?#PurpleUp#TogetherWeCan

Week 3:Did you know that The Military Interstate Compact has been adopted by all 50 states and supports military families in having successful educational transitions between duty stations? Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission website#PurpleUp#TogetherWeCan

Week 4: Did you know that there are nearly 1.7 million military-children all over the world living in our communities and attending our schools?Department of Defense Pie Chart. And Washington has approximately 64,000 active duty families.#PurpleUp#TogetherWeCan

Week 5: Did you know that the most challenging time for military families can be after deployment during the reintegration process?#PurpleUp #TogetherWeCan

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